Wednesday, 18 December 2013

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

11th May, 2013: #TweetSpeech on #Gubbare & Edu by Sakshi Kumar

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Your Platform Needs Help: Your Ideas to revamp!

Hi! We have completed 2 years of operation of this platform during which many ups and downs came by, but by god's grace, somehow every little or big thing got managed. Today, we are standing on bridge which leads to many ways which will make our services worth and many ways, which will makes us close. We were successful because we did these things first! Today, after 2 years, I look towards you to give this platform a direction, a goal and an aim to run for numerous 'n' number of years.


Alright! Today, while I was re tweeting some news stories about Sarabjit Singh, AAP rally & other latest happening, I suddenly got a reply from one of the follower (who it seems just got alive after many months!). He wrote: 
"Why has @the_bigbattle become another journalist, We already have many."
This was the point when the entire concept of this platform started getting linked as an high but illogical effort which completed 2 years just recently. I asked him like a generous platform about what do you suggest? He came with an idea to make this platform a place where ideas and innovation are shared (like TED), Where positivity flows. Now that's a brilliant idea? Right? But how will we accommodate our most political debates? 

That's where we need your help! As the platform enters its 3 year of operation, we want to know what revamping should we do? What changes you want us to undertake? What philosophy should be followed? We run it for you all with the support of you all, so your say & ideas will help us serve you better. 

Please Drop your ideas/views/suggestions in the comment below and don't think that this is just an regular exercise, NO IT IS NOT! We will implement everything & anything possible in our capacities, so please share what you think. 

Avi Sharma
Founder, The Big Battle.